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List Server. A list server is basically an E-mail list where users can contact others who are on the same E-mail list. There are two ways to use the list server feature. You can either reply to the E-mail message received or go into the list server and follow the instructions. To reply from the incoming message, simply click on the reply button, type your message, and click on the send button (When replying to a message/topic, please indicate the message and/or person you are replying to). If communicating via the list server on the web, follow the instructions for requesting a subscription and posting new messages. If you are enrolled in one or more list servers, an asterisk will appear next to the title(s) indicating you have access. Your response will go to all the individuals on that list server. List servers are also moderated.
Advantages: Disadvantages: Best Use:
- No access to the web is necessary. - If the list server activity is extensive, mailboxes will be rapidly filled with messages. - Rapid dissemination of information.
- Messages come directly to your mailbox. - Messages are not held in one record. - Question and answer sessions.
- Can communicate with large numbers of people with ease. - Rapid seeking and sharing of information.

NOTE: JERITT's Electronic Communication Services are available to individuals involved in judicial branch education. Thus, JERITT is not responsible for messages posted on those threaded discussions, list servers, or chat rooms established by individuals or groups in the judicial branch education field that are not moderated by JERITT.

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